A Moment of Gratitude

Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies

Running Quad Rock 50 in Fort Collins there were a few moments where I thought to myself, “I expected this to be more beautiful”, or “these trails are better groomed than I’d like”. It was, of course, probably the most beautiful course I’ve run on, from start to finish, even if parts of AC100 are more majestic.

It was me being ungrateful and unappreciative. And karma got me for it, directly: I caught a flu that caused me to drop from the race and still has me sick a week later.

This weekend, I sit in my apartment with the flu. Meanwhile, my old running partner Maggie Beach is in South Florida running Keys 100 this weekend: 100 flat miles of most sidewalk and shoulder-of-the-road in Florida heat.

It sounds like my idea of hell.

She came in 3rd place female with a time just under 20 hours.

Also this weekend: Bishop 100K/50m/50K, in the beautiful Eastern Sierras, scene of my only other DNF, last year.

It is extraordinary that I can spend every weekend in the mountains, that I know the trails in the San Gabriels better than most, even though my explorations have only just begun, and that every weekend brings some new adventure. I have everything to be grateful for.

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