I run ultramarathons: distances from 50K (32 miles) to 50 miles to 100 miles, and most everything in between, in the desert, in the mountains, on rough singletrack trails as much as possible. This is a collection of race reports, including Calico 50K in the Calico Mountains, Angeles Crest 100 in the San Gabriels, Mt. Dissapointment 50K, also in the San Gabriels, Old Goats 50 and Chimera 100 in Cleveland National Forest, Bishop High Sierra 100K, Javelina Jundred, Quad Rock 50, Black Canyon 100, and others.

Desert Dash Double Medal

Desert Dash Malibu Double Half Marathon

Two half marathons on one day, on a single track section of the Backbone Trail, up in Malibu. Technical single-track, with 2500' of climbing for each run. The first race began at 10 am. The second began at 6pm and was run in the dark. We…
Calico Hills

Calico 50K

2 weeks before the race, my friend Kista suggested I run Calico with her. I said yes. It would be my first 50K, just as it was her first 5 years ago. I loved it. It was, for me, the best 50K I could've picked for my first. Yes, the…