Chimera 2011 on film

Well, actually, mostly on video. 100K – 63 miles to us non scientist Americans – (a high school girlfriend’s grandparents in Oklahoma threatened to start a militia they were so outraged over President Jimmy Carter’s acquiesence to going commie by introducing the metric system back in the 70s. They hated Carter over the metric system, and would never forgive this betrayal).

This is my mini-epic little movie of the whole affair. Tiffany Guerra won the women’s 100 miler, and Fabrice Hardel won for the men. Last minute entry Tomokazu Ihara from Japan took third. I muddled my way to my first 100K finish with the help of pacer Maggie Beach, and this is what it looked like. Technical singletrack, rocky truck trails, lots of climbing, rain, fog, and even some snow on the second climb up Santiago peak.

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