Oops. I Did it Again.

bloody knees #3

Usually when I run at night, I run trails. I have to pay attention when I do this, feel the ground with my feet, piece that information together with fragments I see under the moonlight or might remember from having run the trail before in the daylight, and what I can see under a headlamp, which is usually just a spot immediately in front of me and in 2D.

It takes a lot of focus and being very much in the moment, and when I’m done on those runs I always discover I ran faster and easier than I do in the light, and had more fun.

Last night I ran the Silverlake Reservoir. It’s flat, I do laps, and I’ve never felt it required my attention. At this exact moment I was thinking about an attractive woman whose company I enjoy.

Just as I was mulling over whether I should ask her on a date, I did a face plant.

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