Stormy Wednesday, LA River

LA River, 2010

LA River, Closed Due to Storm. Wednesday morning, 8am.

Wednesday morning 8am, April 28, 2010

. In between storms, along the LA River. 6.56 miles. The storm clouds, the concrete and the grey gave everything a very cold, urban look.

There’s a certain alone-ness to these morning runs. The traffic is streaming by on the 5 freeway – it’s rush hour & it’s packed. There are city workers down in the riverbed cleaning out trash from the most recent storm. The freeway and the workers are completely separate events, and between them, on a parallel path, running in the opposite directions of the cars and well above the workers, there’s me. At this moment, I’m doing my own thing, threading my way through 10 million people on this empty stretch of pavement, a 9 minute per mile pace. I have a privacy in the middle of all of this urban mess. Maybe more than the exercise, this is what is good for me.

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