Road down to Silverado Canyon

Chimera 2011 on film

Well, actually, mostly on video. 100K - 63 miles to us non scientist Americans - (a high school girlfriend's grandparents in Oklahoma threatened to start a militia they were so outraged over President Jimmy Carter's acquiesence to going commie…
Idyllwild Tree Bark

Black and White

A year ago I was still running roads. An acquaintance of mine ran ultras. We became friends who became good friends who became even better friends, and, after a long time basically fighting it, we ended up lovers. She's been at the center…
Near Tahquitz Peak


I live in hills. These hills are pretty close to the center of LA, near Dodger Stadium, but they are hills.When I moved in here my only complaint (and it was a small one) was that my view, somewhat spectacular through the trees, (but there…