Mt Lowe from Mt. Disappointment

Mt Lowe Trails

A favorite place for me to run in the San Gabriels front range is Mt. Lowe.It's good, scrappy stuff, exposed, rocky (some sections very), harsh, and fun. It's also reachable on foot from town, although I usually prefer to get right to it and…
West Mt. Lowe

The First Week of Winter

It's the first week of winter here in Los Angeles.That means something completely different than it means if you are from, say, Canada, where I grew up.In Canada, this would also be around the first week of winter. In Calgary, right now, they…
Snowman at Mt. Lowe

Week in Review: Mt. Lowe Snow

April 9 - 15. Every time I run El Prieto, I run into Ian Rusk, who stops and introduces himself and tells me how many consecutive days he's hiked. Saturday made 1009 days in a row. When it's raining, as it did Friday, he hikes in his hallway.…