Your X-Ray is Fine

Foot X-Ray

Stefi's foot x-ray, by pietroizzo

The nurse left a voicemail: “Your foot x-ray is fine.”

I’m not sure what that means. Does it mean that it’s framed correctly and in focus, or are they trying to tell me there is nothing wrong with my foot and that the swelling is imaginary?

Yesterday, when I went in, the Dr. was satisfied that I was able to walk. Presumably, too, I can drive a car. That seemed to indicate that, locomotion-wise, I was as hooked up as any human being need be.

I explained the running part. He was impressed when I mentioned 3 – 5 miles. He chuckled nervously when I mentioned 10 miles. He was completely baffled when I mentioned 20+ miles. He was concerned when I mentioned a future of ultras. Why do that if I can drive?

He suggested a colonoscopy. I said that sounded like a good idea but what I really wanted to know was what was up with my foot.

I guess we have concluded that I have no severed toes and no clear through-and-through breaks in any of my bones. After that, it’s pure guess work.

I suppose I’ll just stay off it for another week and then start running gently and hope for the best.

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