Brasil 135

Maggie Beach & crew, last mile

Maggie Beach & crew, last mile of Western States 100

My friend and running partner Maggie Beach, who, you can see, is no slouch, has been accepted to run Brasil 135, a 135 mile footrace through the mountains of Brazil; inspired by, reputed to be as difficult as, and granting admission for the finishers to Badwater 135, the legendary run through Death Valley to Whitney Portal on the way up Mt. Whitney (in other words from the lowest place in the USA to the entrance to the highest place on the continental USA).

There are only a handful of Americans running Brazil 135, and only one other American woman (out of 12 women in all) entered into the 48 hour race. (There is also a 60 hour race). Like Badwater, crews are especially important for Brazil 135. Brazil is a long, long ways from La Crescenta. Getting a crew there is not cheap. Some friends are hosting a Brazilian dinner fundraiser, and we’re also taking donations. Anyone interested in helping the cause can donate here or using the Paypal button below:

Click below to make a donation in the amount of your choice:

map of Brazil 135

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