Having a Bad Day.

Some days things just don’t go as planned. And somedays are a lot worse than that. This is a collection of posts about days that went wrong.

Me at unnamed pass
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Goat Rodeo: High Lonesome 100 Race Report

August 3, 2018, near Buena Vista, Colorado, in a field at the base of Mt. Princeton, 6am. This was the start of the second running of High Lonesome 100, up in the Sawatch Mountains of Colorado.It seemed the entire Southwest on fire. Smoke…
Me at Fish Hatchery
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Zane Grey 2017

Payson Arizona Thursday evening. The 28th annual Zane Grey 50 plus miler. I'm here for the third time. I first ran this race in 2015. It was one I'd been wanting to do for a while. A bunch of friends signed up, and one by one they all withdrew…
Cougar Rock
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Western States 100 – Meditation on Pain

Squaw Valley, 5 am I was nervous at the start. Really nervous. Being nervous didn't make that much sense, really; it's not like I was going to be competing for the win, or even a place in the top half. Still, there seemed to be a lot at stake.…

Yoga Fail, Heat Training, & a Life Worth Living

Gather round, children, for the story of Geoff's Epic Yoga Fail.Yes, kids, I can run 100 miles no problem (not fast, but I get it done), but my third Bikram class and I end up being carted out in an ambulance.Not exactly sure what happened,…
Mt. Lukens Road, April 2011

Mt. Lukens 3-peat.

46 miles. 11,1024' of climbing. 14 hours. This is one of those runs that ends up being really demoralizing.The original plan was a good strong charge up Mt. Lukens, repeat 2 more times. As we started, I just didn't have it in me. The first…
Bloody Hand at Westfork

Mt. Disappointment Training Run

Mt. Disappointment Training Run. Down Mt. Wilson road, a turn onto some singletrack, down to Redbox Rincon Road to Westfork and then up Kenyon Devore to Mt. Wilson. 15.5 miles, 3,800' of climbing. And pretty much a disaster...or at least…