Javelina Jundred

Kista Cook, Inspiration Pt., 6:22am

Kista Cook, AC100, Inspiration Pt., 6:22am

This weekend Kista Cook is running Javelina Jundred in Arizona. It’s her second 100 miler this year; Nanny Goat was the first. Like most runners, she’s camping at start. She says “You should see all the tents. Some are off the hook condos.” Her dad and her sister are crewing her, and their outifts have a NASCAR theme which seems to be impressing the locals who don’t know anything about JJ100 but do know about a big NASCAR event also taking place in Scottsdale this weekend. They think Team Cook are crewing some driver.

I’m wishing her (and all others running JJ100) the best.

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