Mt. Disappointment Test Runs #2 & #3

Kista, Moeben Badwater sleeves

I’d run the Mt. Disappointment training run a few weeks back, crashed at about the 3 mile mark, and did the rest in pain. I decided to have another go at it.

Not knowing what she was getting into, Kista joined me. The climb up back up Mt. Wilson on Kenyon Devore trail was more than she was ready for. 3,000 feet in a little less than 3 miles is steep, and combined with a little altitude & slippery switchbacks, it can suck the life out of you.

I decided to do the run again on Sunday, thinking that without an injury or a struggling running partner I could get a feel for that last climb.

The verdict is that I liked it better when I was injured or Kista was bonking because under those conditions I felt like I had an excuse. Truth is, I can barely walk that stretch. It’s brutal. Every time I attempt it, I get about 1 mile in and decide that I am not going to run Mt. D.

Mt. D. veteran Sheri assures me that the Kenyon Devore stretch will be littered with bonking runners on race day. As long as I am not one of them, I’ll consider it a win. Additionally, in order to not psyche myself out, I intend to run sans Garmin. If I have no idea what my time is, I will have no idea where I am relative to whatever time is my goal and won’t feel like quitting if I’m too far off it.

Here are a few shots from the two runs.

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