Sandstone, mile 30

Coyote Backbone 68 Miler

I set up camp at the finish line the day before. Full moon, in my tent at the finish line at LA Jolla campground in Pt Mugu. It's bright outside, which is good because I've forgotten my headlamp at home and tomorrow I will use a borrowed…
Vasque Mindbenders

Feb 20 – Mulholland Fireroad, Topanga

Feb 20. 20.06 miles, 2668 feet ascent, Mulholland Fireroad, Topanga. Woke up this morning and there was snow in the mountains. Thought about it...and then opted for trusty Topanga instead. Good run. Cold, and windy in spots. 2 loops along…
bandaged knee, Topanga

Topanga #3

Nov. 27. A few days after bloodying my knees, and a week after the rains, I headed back out to Topanga for one of my make-it-up-as-I-go-along runs. This time I took off along a single-track about 2.5 miles in. A scramble uphill, a steep…