Valley Crest Half Marathon, training run

A friend is running the Valley Crest Half Marathon on June 13. This will be her first half marathon, so we decided to do a training run on the race course today, up in the Topanga Hills.

It’s not a mountain ultra, but it’s a helluva lot hillier and rougher than any of my normal road runs. It took some effort, but it was really worth it. It’s gonna be a beautiful run.

We missed a turn around and ended up running an extra couple of miles. It was Arrowyn’s longest run ever, and she’s catching the high, that maybe-even-scientifically-proven-or-maybe-not-but-it-still-happens thing that may or may not half to do with endorphins kicking in. For me, it’s the mellowest of euphorias. For others it is perhaps a bit more emphatic.

Next weekend I’m running the San Diego Rock’n’Roll marathon. Maybe the weekend after I’ll be sufficiently recovered to muddle my way through a half on trails. There’s race morning registration, so we shall see.

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